Software development and systems engineering

The company has invested significantly in terms of design in order to offer its customers a great contribution in the development of a new product from the original idea.

Highly skilled and experienced staff help to develop and offer state-of-the-art products. The design phase includes both software development and systems engineering, which is carried out with the aid of standard CAD.

Systems engineering stands between the design phase and production. The aim is to implement slight corrections to the original project to improve its characteristics, implementing the best technical solutions to minimise assembly time during production, as well as to facilitate maintenance operations.

Control over the entire production cycle

Even after the design phase, we pay the utmost attention to the product. The entire production cycle provides for careful checks of the product at any time, both by automatic and manual means. This is the only way to provide our Customers with a perfect product.

Attention to detail and punctuality are key factors in order to guarantee timely deliveries to the Customer.

To this end, BeB prepares in real time all possible variables by proposing reasonable and feasible delivery dates, allowing all company’s units to work hand in hand for a shared and common target: to put into effect the agreement with the Customer.

Assistance before, during and after product delivery

BeB always supports its customers by providing all the main services before, during and after the purchase.

Our thorough customer care service provides clarifications, technical information, answers to complaints and guarantee on the products in the catalogue, with the aim to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Together with a 24-month warranty on all products, we also provide an effective after-sales service for every type of need.

To this end, the company relies on a dedicated system to obtain and manage customer feedback as part of its continuous improvement process.